Why Do Attendees Go To Trade Shows?

Why Do Attendees Go To Trade Shows?

We all know why most companies exhibit at trade shows—to gather leads for new business. According to Exhibit Surveys, 67% of all trade show attendees represent new prospects and potential customers for exhibiting companies.

But do exhibitors know why those potential customers are attending? If not, companies are missing a great opportunity to respond to specific needs, build better relationships and close sales.

Find out why prospects go to trade shows and how that can direct trade show strategy.

Marketing Pain Points

Surveys show over and over that prospects and customers are attending trade shows to learn.

  • 66% want to increase their own professional knowledge.
  • They spend an average of 8.3 hours per show viewing exhibits to do so.
    (Source: Trade Show Executive)


  • According to Lee Ali, Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing, 65% of exhibitors have no clear strategy for attending a show.

Here's Our Point

Making customer education part of your marketing strategy may well be your ultimate relationship-building endeavor.

  • Customer education is an excellent tool for building relationships and generating sales.
  • Successful people (influencers and decision makers) know that professional learning is a continuous process and they value those who help them on this path.

CMOs looking at customer education options should explore the ROI for exhibiting at trade shows.

  • Trade shows represent the ideal venue for implementing customer education because attendees are already open to being educated.
  • Exhibits provide customer education personally—face-to-face, in theater-style settings, in seminars and at off-site events.

To find out more about how a customer education strategy at trade shows can help increase sales and build better relationships, we invite you to call Rob Murphy, MC² CMO, 845-639-8631 or email rmurphy@mc-2.com.

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